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Tourists from England ‘could face 14-day quarantine in Scotland’ (

Tourists travelling to Scotland from England could reportedly face a 14-day quarantine if Covid-19 cases rise again.

Currently, anyone entering Scotland from overseas must go into quarantine for two weeks or face a £480 fine, with similar measures in place in England.

The Times reports that a Scottish government source suggested the same could apply to visitors from England if cases rise.

The Scottish government said: “We will continue to consider any measures that might be necessary to protect against the risk of imported cases of the virus.”



Posted by Mary Devlin

Mary Devlin is the Business & Industry Spokesperson for Alliance For Unity. Successful entrepreneur in Japan, USA and UK. Founded, Japan's No.1 English news site. Follow her on Twitter at @MaryDevlin21

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Sturgeon suggests she could try to BLOCK UK air bridges plan (

Nicola, close the Glasgow and Lanarkshire borders now!