You won’t be welcome in Scotland

And there you have it. The end goal of Nationalism is a one-party state.



Written by Mark Devlin

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I would have been more impressed if John’s grammar had been at least at primary school level.


“The end goal of Nationalism is a one-party state.” so, go on then – show me where that is said in the text ? no takers ? ….more Bile.

Adam Fraser

dude if we took everything that unionist twitter said as official policy then we’d think the union wanted to genocide us because unionist twitter sure seems to.

of course unionists will be welcome in an independant scotland, independance is a movement of love, inclusion and democracy i disagree strongly with unionists and where i see one saying mental ???? i’ll call them out on it but at the end of the day a scott is a scott no matter how they vote

Tory Scum Out

Stand free from the SNP (

F The Tories

Conservative MSP Glasgow office vandalised with ‘ACAB’ & ‘F*** the Tories’ graffiti (