The biscuit-factory line of history and Scottish nationalism (

Roger White says:

The daily pettiness of Scottish nationalism certainly assails anyone who looks for it on social media. This blog is scattered with examples over the last few years – a bar of Mackies Scottish chocolate has the temerity to include an image of the union flag; people who ask awkward questions of SNP politicians on TV are hounded online; Nicola Sturgeon meets Theresa May and manages to omit the union flag from the official photo; an SNP MP complains that the BBC weather map ‘make[s] Scotland literally appear less significant’; the bookshop at Edinburgh airport doesn’t display Scottish books (it does, the complainant concerned was in the wrong shop); and so on and so on. Not for the first time nationalism reminds me of the old Carry on film joke: ‘Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me’.

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Posted by Mark Devlin

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Derek Dargavel

Should there be a second spike in the coronavirus and a second furloughing is required does Scotland have the funds to finance this
If not do we go cap in hand to Westminster and accept British money
There claim for independence is nothing short of Braveheart dreams of claymore wielding bampots

Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly on 'pathetic' Scottish Labour and what he really thinks about independence (

Scottish independence is one of the great confidence tricks of our time (