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Wanted: a worthy opponent to Nicola Sturgeon (

Stephen Daisley, writing on his blog, says that frustration is rising as Scottish Nationalists fail to deliver results after 13 years in power.

Three terms of Nationalist rule have produced little of substance and on education and health we have seen progress stall and even go into reverse. Meanwhile, sizeable reserves of political capital, parliamentary time and government resources have gone into a constitutional war of attrition. What exactly about the past 13 years would make anyone want another five?

Of course, Nationalist voters will forgive any sin, including the destruction of our health, education, and civic services and as long as it means they have a chance to fulfil their immature dreams.

But poor performance means nothing if it isn’t called out. In part, this is because Scottish media is weak and compliant:

[Unionists] — please don’t use that word Stephen, when we’re much more than that — blame the media for giving Nicola Sturgeon an easier ride than Boris Johnson gets from network news. There is some truth to this: Scottish broadcasters are generally less adversarial and one outlet in particular is positively chummy with the ruling party.

Could, perhaps, Stephen be talking about STV? The channel that he left after alleged editorial interference form Pete Wishart and John Nicolson?

Not to mention an utterly atrocious opposition:

Never has such a mediocre government been blessed with an opposition that daren’t aspire to the dizzying heights of mediocrity.

While he says Jackson Carlaw should be given time to make an impression (something that is highly unlikely in our opinion), Daisley unloads both barrels into Scottish Labour Leader, Richard Leonard.

His time in charge of Scottish Labour has been a ghost leadership. There is no speech that sticks in the mind, no policy or campaign that bears his name, no political victory of any significance. A Labour leader must be an activist yet Leonard’s captaincy has been marked by torpor and drift.

In our view, the leaders of each party should make a commitment to do whatever it takes to fight Nationalism in Scotland, and to actually get out there and fight.  

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