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All Under One Braincell

Tweets reveal the insanity of Scottish Nationalism

Get out of our one-party state

For many Nationalists their prime goal is simply to rid the country of people they don’t agree with. If you’re a Tory or a Red Tory or against them, they don’t want you in “their” Scotland. They genuinely want a one-party state that is ethnically and politically cleansed.

These are widely-held Nationalist views.



Written by Mark Devlin

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what a pile of Drivel !

Andrew Morrison

I think that sums it up perfectly.

I mean, nobody talks about building a better future, health service or education. Or perhaps they’ve already realised these things are all better being part of the United Kingdom.

David Bootland

If they get what they want, I think I will have to move to North Korea for more freedom ????????

Nicola Sturgoen Halo

The Cult of St. Nicola

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