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Nicola, close the Glasgow and Lanarkshire borders now!

Over the past 24 hours there’s been quite a bit of discussion about closing the border from England, led by a shameless front-page headline in The National.

There’s even a poll with over 5000 signatures that claims trips from England to Scoland are ‘international’…

There is about to be a massive second wave of this new virus in England due to Tory ineptitude. The borders of both Scotland and Wales should be closed to all but essential traffic ie commerce. Not casual trips that are in fact international from a COVID hot spot about to get worse.

I beseech Uk Gov to give this power to the devolved nations. This is at this time imperative to save thousands and thousands of lives.

Beseech? And here’s a guy who wants to close the border to Tories…

Who would have thought that separatist Nationalists would want to close the border to keep The English out?

But is it really true that Scotland could ‘eliminate’ the virus by closing the border? Let’s look at the recent rates of infection across the UK.

The last 14 days of data show that the areas of highest infection in the UK are Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and North Wales. Scotland also has a slightly higher rate of infection since the outbreak started.

Total CasesInfection rate/100k

If anything, the data shows that Glasgow, Lanarkshire, and North Wales should be sealed off from the rest of the UK.

Build that wall, Nicola!

Imagine, though, the howls of rage that would come from Nationalists if the UK Government closed Scotland off from England.

That’s the problem with Scottish Nationalism — every problem has the same cause, and the same solution. The cause is always “The English” and the solution is always “Independence”. The people peddling this immature bullshit should be ashamed.

The people of Scotland are sick all right: sick of the hideous virus of ugly Nationalism that has apparently rotted the brains of many of our fellow citizens.

Mark Devlin is the publisher of The Majority.

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Written by Mark Devlin

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