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Hi I’m Mark Devlin,

We’ve all seen the hideous scenes at the English border where a group of flag-waving Scottish Nationalists,  thought it would be fun to tell English people coming to Scotland to f-ck off. 

But, really, why should we be surprised when Nicola Sturgeon openly talks about closing the border to the English? Why would we think her followers wouldn’t take action?

I’m only surprised that Nicola wasn’t there herself, wearing her tartan facemask, pulling over lorries and checking drivers to see if  they had cockney accents.

Look, we all know the truth. Scottish Nationalism is driven by anti-English racism.

Nationalist politicians have spent their entire lives dedicated to amplifying grievances to gain political power, using every trick they can to turn a party of cranks and Nazi sympathisers into something more palatable.

But you can’t hide the core. 

So now when all their hard work breaks out the open they try to condemn it? Give me a break. They should own it. They made it. 

Instead they try to distance themselves. ‘It was only a few nutters’. ‘We’re not like that’. ‘We’re civic and joyous’. 

The truth is that Scottish Nationalism, like Nationalism anywhere in the world, is pushed by mediocre politicians who can’t offer anything more than pushing easy, petty grievances.

In 21st century Scotland, why do we let these losers get away with this? Partly because we’ve all got so used to it. That’s why it’s no surprise.

And where are our political opposition leaders? They’re invisible and weak.

Today I saw opposition MPs and commentators, many of whom should know better,  praising Nationalist politicians for distancing themselves from the nutters they encouraged. 

Your job isn’t to praise then, it’s to bury them. 

You should be uniting the anti-Nationalist vote and hammering them: Tell them:

Your party caused this. Nicola Sturgeon caused this. Every Nationalist who voted for this is part of this. All decent people reject your toxic Nationalism and we will defeat it at the ballot box. 

Is that really so difficult?

Step up or get out of the way and let people who want to fight do your job.

The sooner this ugly Nationalism is put in the dustbin of history the better.

Scotland will be better.

Mark Devlin is the publisher of The Majority.

Help us fight back

Next May there’s going to be a Scottish election, and there is no doubt that Nationalists will use it tocontinue to agitate for a disastrous referendum.

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Written by Mark Devlin

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