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Galloway Straight Answers

Galloway Straight Answers

In collaboration with Scotland Matters, The Majority presents a video interview series with George Galloway, covering his return to Scottish politics, his plans for Alliance For Unity, tactical voting and his views on Nicola Sturgeon. Watch them all.

#1 – Why have you come back to Scottish Politics?

#2 – Why is the UK important to you?

#3 – Given your past causes why should people support you now?

#4 – What is Alliance For Unity proposing?

#5 – How would tactical voting work in practice?

#6 – What about people who don’t want to tactically vote?

#7 – What is your mesage to the other parties?

#8 – What if the other parties don’t cooperate?

#9 -How are you getting the word out?

#10 – What do you think of Nicola Sturgeon?

#11 – What will you do if elected?

#12 – Aren’t you just in this for yourself?

#13 – Final Thoughts?

#14 – Quick Fire Round

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Written by Mark Devlin

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