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Illegal Referendums ‘R’ Us

Illegal Referendum

In a major WORLD exclusive, The Majority has managed to get hold of Mike Russell’s first draft of his 11-point plan for a referendum. See his orginal 12 points here, before they were massaged, soothed and tickled by an army of spin doctors…

The SNP’s 12-point plan for an illegal referendum

1. We intend to fool our followers by proposing that we can hold a referendum on Scottish Separation.

2. A bonus is that we can distract them from Sturgeon’s problems in the Salmond inquiry.

3. We won’t tell our followers that we have no legal right to hold a referendum and never mention that it’s a matter reserved to the UK government.

4. We’ll tell them that it’s up to the UK Government to challenge the legality of our actions. Just like someone saying that burglary is not a crime, breaking into your house and then telling the judge it’s legal because they said so.

5. We’ll not mention that, because it’s illegal from the outset, local authorities, who control polling places, will reject holding it. And The Electoral Commission? Better not say anything about them either.

6. We’ll talk about taking action when we have a majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament, despite currently having one with the Greens. That majority has asked for a referendum twice and been rejected. But we think, somehow, it’ll be different this time.

7. We have no way to force the UK Government to give us a referendum. The Conservatives 80-seat majority and a manifesto pledge to maintain the UK is unimportant, as is that whole ‘once-in-a-generation’ thing.

8. If we had a majority of the 650 seats in the UK parliament, we could do what we like. But we only run candidates in Scotland, giving us a maximum of 59 seats, so we can’t do anything. We are stupid.

9. It’s only logical that Boris Johnson will give us a referendum that, according to our polls, he will lose.

10. Even if we won a court case saying it was legal to run a referendum, it would have to pass The Supreme Court, action by the UK Parliament, and an anti-Nationalist boycott. Easy, peasy!

11. We will continue to fool our supporters that ‘democracy’ is what we believe it to be, rather than the actual laws of Scotland and the UK. This will cause more division, but it’s a useful distraction from our 13 YEARS of failure in health education, jobs and the economy.

12. Please, please, please try to not notice that there is no path to a second referendum.

Mark Devlin is the publisher of The Majority.

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Written by Mark Devlin

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Michael Stensh-Brown

Brilliant. I wonder if the proponents of another referendum on “democratic” grounds will allow places like the Northern Isles, the Borders, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and other council areas which vote NO by over 60% (as all of these did in 2014) to stay within the UK? If they insist on a 50% rule for the referendum then, by Council area, only Dundee, North Lanarkshire, Glasgow and West Dunbartonshire would remain in rScotland (Ind.) on the basis of the 2014 result. How would that work, in practice? If the SNP has the right to break up the United Kingdom, then these places… Read more »

Anton de Grandier

It was long ago mooted that Holyrood was a swamp to entrap the Nationalists.I wonder if this is now coming to fruition.Yes 2014 was a close call but right now there looks to be no real options for them.Illegal referendums apart of course.

Mike Russell Spinal Tap

It goes up to 11!


Old MacDonald had a Scapegoat