Six ways Nationalists manipulate polls

How Nationalists Manipulate Polls

Another new poll! It seems that almost every week there’s a new poll on Scottish ‘independence’. But, what’s the deal? Why are there so many, and do they really mean we’re on the inevitable road to ‘independence’? Short answer — Nope. Here’s how Nationalists manipulate polls, and why.

#1 Choose a pollster that gives them the result they want

James Kelly (@JamesKelly) of Pop Goes Scot admits that he uses Panelbase polls to get a better result for Yes.

‘Panelbase have produced really good results for Yes recently, better than some other firms. Or, I could go with another firm, which might be not be quite so good for Yes, and get a quick result.’

James was all over Twitter trying to claim that the words he said didn’t actually come out of his own mouth.

So James chose another pollster and – surprise, surprise – didn’t get the result he wanted: 45% Yes, 43% No and 12% Don’t Knows (who break for No). He tried to spin it, but it was an epic fail.

You might think that, when choosing a pollster, accuracy would be more important than trying to get the result you want. Because if you don’t do that, you’ll not only fool people, you’ll make a FOOL of yourself when your predictions fail. Remember this?

Unless your goal is to fool people. In that case, you choose a pollster that gives you the result you want, and get them to ask leading questions. Questions that won’t be asked in a referendum. Questions about a referendum that isn’t even going to happen.



Written by Mark Devlin

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Craig Campbell

Good article and something that has been apparent to many people for a long time, another aspect is that nationalists are known to sign up to these polling companies with multiple email accounts, this means a small group of ten people could sign up with 5 mail addresses each, thats potentially 50 respondents which on an average poll of 1006 people is 5% of the total answers, enough to swing the polls into their favour, the polls only started going in favour of the Nationalists once Angus Robertson set up Progress Scotland alongside Mark Diffley, Polls as a way of… Read more »

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