Six ways Nationalists manipulate polls

#3 Ask leading questions

Check these actual questions, taken from a Panelbase poll last year:

Would the following Scenarios make you more or less likely to vote for Scottish independence?

If the Scottish Government committed to paying every citizen a universal basic income of £6000 (replacing benefits but OAPs would still get the current pension) a year as part of its economic plans?

The UK pension of £134.25 is the lowest in the developed world (OECD Nations) as a percentage of what people earn. If the Scottish Government committed to raising the pension in an independent Scotland to around £330 a week matching the average of OECD/EU countries and end pensioner poverty

Sure, if you promise me a free puppy (already toilet trained) then I’ll sign up too. It’s amazing to think that this brazen manipulation actually works, but promising unicorns and rainbows is always at the core of Scottish Nationalism.



Written by Mark Devlin

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Craig Campbell

Good article and something that has been apparent to many people for a long time, another aspect is that nationalists are known to sign up to these polling companies with multiple email accounts, this means a small group of ten people could sign up with 5 mail addresses each, thats potentially 50 respondents which on an average poll of 1006 people is 5% of the total answers, enough to swing the polls into their favour, the polls only started going in favour of the Nationalists once Angus Robertson set up Progress Scotland alongside Mark Diffley, Polls as a way of… Read more »

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