Six ways Nationalists manipulate polls

#5 Disregard polling that does not suit the agenda

Since the referendum there have been approximately 150 polls. Until mid 2020, almost everyone of these had a majority for NO. But, during that time, did we see constant headlines saying, ‘independence is dead!’? Of course we didn’t. So why are we now, with the numbers being barely different, being subjected to endless articles about the demise of the UK?

Just two weeks ago, the Sunday Times did exactly that, spashing ‘The Union is in Crisis‘ headlines across its front page, even though just 49% were in favour of ‘independence’ and that it was the lowest number in a downward trend.

While this might sell newspapers, it’s part of the ongoing appeasement of Scottish Nationalism by our media. Newspapers that woudn’t give the time of day to English Nationalists will gladly promote Scottish Nationalist polls.



Written by Mark Devlin

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Craig Campbell

Good article and something that has been apparent to many people for a long time, another aspect is that nationalists are known to sign up to these polling companies with multiple email accounts, this means a small group of ten people could sign up with 5 mail addresses each, thats potentially 50 respondents which on an average poll of 1006 people is 5% of the total answers, enough to swing the polls into their favour, the polls only started going in favour of the Nationalists once Angus Robertson set up Progress Scotland alongside Mark Diffley, Polls as a way of… Read more »

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