We Don’t Believe You Nicola

#ResignSturgeon campaign heads for Govanhill and Holyrood

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Today, The Majority, with the support of over 480 donors who raised £12,000 for their Let’s Put Up Billboards! crowdfunding campaign, launches the second stage of its #ResignSturgeon campaign, in a series of campaigns leading up to the Scottish Elections on May 6. 

After a hugely successful campaign that flew a #ResignSturgeon banner over Holyrood and saw #Resign Sturgeon billboards appear across Scotland, The Majority now takes the fight directly to Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency in Govanhill, Glasgow and to the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood, using mobile digital ad vans carrying the message, ‘We don’t believe you Nicola’ and ‘#ResignSturgeon’. The schedule is:

  • Tuesday 23rd March – Glasgow: Govanhill, West End and City Centre 
    Photo stop at Govanhill Park (corner of Govanhill St and Langside Rd) at 11am. 
  • Wednesday 24th March – Edinburgh: Holyrood and City Centre
    Photo stop at The Scottish Parliament Building at 12 noon.

This campaign aims to tell Nicola Sturgeon that the majority of people in Scotland do not believe what she says and she must resign. After her testimony to the Scottish Parliament’s inquiry into the Scottish government’s handling of complaints against Alex Salmond (the Holyrood Inquiry Committee), only 35% of people believed she had given honest testimony (Panelbase 7 March).

Yesterday, James Hamilton published his report on whether Sturgeon broke the Ministerial Code, noting that the matter of whether the First Minister misled Parliament is a matter for Parliament to decide. Today, the Holyrood Inquiry Committee published its report saying she did indeed mislead Parliament, therefore she must resign.

Mark Devlin, founder of the Majority:

The majority of Scots are not fooled by the First Minister’s changing stories, her forgetfulness, her evasions, her excuses, her secrets, her self-serving redactions or her lies. We have no confidence in the First Minister. Her reputation is in shreds and her credibility shot. She must resign immediately.

The campaign theme — #ResignSturgeon — is part of an ongoing grassroots hashtag campaign on Twitter that has had hundreds of thousands of retweets and responses and has appeared over 80 times on Twitter’s ‘trending’ lists of the social network’s most popular hashtags.

The Majority is Scotland’s leading anti-Nationalist media. Since its founding in June, 2020, it has grown to almost 50,000 social media followers. It aims to unite Scotland’s anti-Nationalist majority; say NO to IndyRef2; Expose Nationalism as a toxic ideology; Support effective anti-Nationalist politicians; and criticise media appeasement.

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Written by Mark Devlin

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A whole 35% believed she was telling the truth!
God help Scotland.

Bill Boyd

Thanks for speaking up for the silent majority. The Harassment Committee found major shortcomings but no one is being held responsible. Totally unacceptable, she’s corrupted and cheapened Holyrood

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