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We won the battle, now to win the war. We’re working on lots of new projects and need your support. Please help us grow and continue our fight against ugly Scottish Nationalism with a monthly donation. 

Also, please sign our petition to get Newsquest and Gannet to cease publishing The National’s anti-English hate.


It is difficult to believe that it’s been almost two months since the drama of the Scottish elections. We are proud to have had your support in fighting to deprive the Nationalists of the majority they so desperately needed. 

When we started The Majority last year, ‘independence’ was polling at 58% and many people who were in established online media wrote us off as a bunch of amateurs using the wrong title. 

We named ourselves ‘The Majority’ to represent the majority of anti-Nationalists frustrated by the lack of media pushback on years of Sturgeon’s minority government and also, to represent an ideal. Regardless of whether they want separation or unity, we believe that the majority of Scots want great schools and a great health service. The majority of us want a prosperous economy. The majority of us want to leave behind something better for the next generation of citizens. There is no reason why separation is needed to build a wealthy, happy, healthy, and dynamic future. We are stronger together than apart. 

We now have over 35,000 social media followers, and have published many hard-hitting and insightful articles. With your support, we ran the highest profile media campaign of the election; Our #ResignSturgeon billboards were featured in 70 newspapers and the banner we flew over Holyrood and Glasgow was seen by hundreds of thousands of Scots. With your funds, we ran billboards, ad vans and poster campaigns all across Scotland. They worked.

But while the prospect of a second referendum looks increasingly unlikely, we can be assured that fanatical Nationalists will never stop agitating and fomenting grievance in the hope of gaining one. There is much work still to do…

Going forward, we anti-Nationalists mustn’t just debunk Nationalist myths, we must also expose and attack the underlying psychology that creates these myths. We must continue to expose and attack the greed, inferiority complexes and plain racism that fuels Scottish Nationalism. We must focus on our communal successes. And we must reach out to our youngest and most impressionable citizens, who are most easily swayed by empty promises cloaked in slick presentation.

Over the next few months, we will be launching new campaigns to keep the pressure up. In addition to improving our editorial content, we are currently planning a Scottish news aggregator that will give you all  Scottish political news in one place. 

We will also use our strength for direct social media activism, such as our newly-released petition to get Newsquest and Gannett to cease publication of The National, a front for Nationalist anti-English hatred and intimidation that should not be published, enabled or endorsed by any respectable corporation. 

Please sign the petition here.

Planning new projects and running the Majority is more than a full-time job, so we still need your help.  It is understandable that after the election you may feel that there isn’t as much to fight for, but unlike our opposition politicians, we are fully committed to ‘putting the boot’ into the Nationalists; exposing, tainting and degrading their ugly Nationalism, so that no-one will ever want to be associated with it again.

Every donation, big or small, makes a huge difference to us. If you can afford it, please pledge a monthly donation. Even £5 a month would be wonderful. But even if you can only afford a one-time donation, everything helps to give us a fighting base to continue our work and fund new projects. There’s a lot more to come.

To all of you who have supported us so far, a huge ‘Thank you!’. To all of you who are joining us, welcome aboard.

We have won the battle. Now to win the war.

Mark Devlin



Written by Mark Devlin

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