The Majority launches SNP COUNCILS ARE RUBBISH crowdfunded billboard campaign

Snp Councils Are Rubbish Twitter 2

UPDATE: Our billboard campaign has been delayed. Apparently, the billboard company have a new policy that means direct criticism of political parties is not allowed (despite that being fine last year). We’re submitting redesigned ads now.

UPDATE 2: We changed to a different company and the ads are now running, without any text changes

Today, The Majority, with the support of donors who contributed to its crowdfunding campaign, launches the SNP COUNCILS ARE RUBBISH #BinTheSNP campaign for the upcoming  Scottish Council Elections on May 5. The campaign includes digital billboards in Glasgow, Edinburgh and, Aberdeen (see locations/dates below).

The campaign message — SNP COUNCILS ARE RUBBISH — highlights the failure of SNP councils to deal with basic issues on voters’ doorsteps. Voters have seen increases in fly-tipping, delayed and extended rubbish collection periods, rat infestations and unfilled potholes, while SNP councillors are preoccupied calling for a second referendum. The image shows a rubbish-strewn street inhabited by two rats.

The campaign hashtag— #BinTheSNP— is part of an ongoing grassroots hashtag campaign on Twitter that has had hundreds of retweets and responses.

The campaign is funded by donations to a crowdfunder, run by The Majority, that has raised over £3300 from its donors to date. As more donations come in, the campaign may be expanded.

Mark Devlin of the Majority:

The majority of Scots are angry and frustrated by the SNP’s woeful record in local Government. SNP councils won’t fight cuts by Nicola Sturgeon’s administration, and their focus on a second referendum means our roads, bin collections and basic services are a disaster. The Scottish public deserves councillors who will concentrate on local services, not be distracted by campaigning for a referendum that will never happen. 

About The Majority

The Majority is Scotland’s leading anti-Nationalist organisation. Since its founding in June 2020, it has grown to over 45,000 social media followers. It aims to unite Scotland’s anti-Nationalist majority and expose Nationalism as a toxic ideology. The Majority’s #ResignSturgeon billboard campaigns and aerial banner for the 2021 Scottish Elections were seen by hundreds of thousands of Scots and featured in over 70 newspapers worldwide.

Website:   Twitter: @themajorityscot    Facebook: @themajorityscot

Contact: Mark Devlin

Billboard Schedule (UPDATED)

Glasgow – From April 26

  • London Road – G40 1PB
  • Aikenhead Road – G42 0PE
  • Ayr Road – G77 6AE

Edinburgh – From April 26

  • Ferry Road – EH4 2TU

Aberdeen – From May 2

  • Market Road – AB11 5PP



Written by Mark Devlin

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