She has Failed to Heal Scotland

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Nicola Scowl

The campaign by the Nationalists to split up our country began in 2011.  It hasn’t stopped, despite the result being delivered in 2014 which shows the majority of Scotland are anti-Nationalist.

Since then, despite the Conservatives winning an outright majority in 2015 with only the one seat in Scotland back then, the Brexit result in 2016, Boris becoming PM in 2019 when he’s not as popular as his predecessors in Scotland, then Brexit actually happening in 2020, the polls have remained stubbornly against the Nationalists.

This settled will of the people of Scotland against Nationalism has resulted in growing tensions and frustration on that side of the debate.  Hardly a weekend went by before COVID-19 that a Scottish town or city wasn’t afflicted by Nationalists wandering around hurling abuse at people with Union flags, calling for people they deem to be ‘scum’ to get out of their own country, or even one I saw personally in Perth, calling for ‘England: Get Out of Scotland’

Studies have shown increases of racism and sectarianism in Scotland, and the dialogue used by Nicola herself has contributed to this, rather than attempting to heal the deep wounds which exist now in Scottish society.


Written by Mark Devlin

Edinburgh Childrens Hospital

She Deprived over 300,000 Kids their New Hospital

Houses Of Parliament

She handed powers over welfare back to the UK Parliament