She handed powers over welfare back to the UK Parliament

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When the Scottish Parliament eventually assumes its additional powers over welfare and benefits (assuming it’s not deferred by the Nationalists, again), the creation of the system to deal with those new benefits will have taken a full nine years to deliver. Nine years to setup a system to deal with what amounts to 15% of total welfare spend in Scotland.

That’s only seven and a half years longer than the SNP claimed it would take to setup all the mechanisms and accoutrement that come with ripping Scotland out of the UK, such as embassies, agreement on sharing broadcasting, infrastructure, border controls, etc.

Listening to the SNP’s rhetoric, they make no bones about making grievance with yje UK Parliament that welfare and benefits in the UK are insufficient and unfairly penalise Scotland.

Well, handing back the levers of power which allow you to change something you perceive to be wrong – twice – gets this one into the top five Hall of Nicola’s Shame.


Written by Mark Devlin

Nicola Scowl

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