She Deprived over 300,000 Kids their New Hospital

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The new Sick Kids hospital was supposed to open at the end of 2012.  You didn’t misread that: it’s jut one example of the level of incompetence we must live with under the SNP in Scotland.

The project for the facility to be based in Edinburgh has been so delayed it has even outlived three previous health secretaries who were looking after it, making Jeane Freeman the fourth.  I hear you all breath sighs of relief at that…

The tender document stated the ventilation system had to be able to change the air in critical care areas four times per hour. Health standards dictate it should be 10 air changes per hour.  This mistake, with the revisionism of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the importance of this ‘technicality’ to life, will cost £16m to rectify alone and delayed the opening further. 

Well over 300,000 children attending A&E have been denied access to the hospital their parents were promised over the duration of this delay so far.  

The SNP say the hospital is due to start in November, but you’ll forgive me for saying, “aye, and so did Guy Fawkes…”


Posted by Mark Devlin

Nicola Scowl

She has Failed to Heal Scotland