The Majority is the voice of Scotland’s anti-Nationalist majority. We officially launched on 10 June, 2020, with a statement of our principles.

(It’s still early days so some things might not work as expected. If you do run into any trouble please send us a mail or Twitter direct message.)

Known issues:

  • Twitter and Facebook logins are creating duplicate user accounts. We are working to fix this over the next few days.


For too long Scottish Nationalists have had free rein over the media, through the government, newspapers, like The National, and blogs like Wings Over Scotland.

We are creating a new anti-nationalist media for Scotland that will unite the SILENT MAJORITY who want to fight back against the Nationalists.

THE MAJORITY will comprise news, commentary and fact checks, video commentaries and interviews, and a community forum. But, most importantly, it will use better psychology to specifically target Nationalism.

This is why we will not use terms like “Unionist”. We are anti-Nationalists.

We will be totally focused on revealing Nationalism as it is: ugly, misinformed and bigoted, and we will expose the people who use this ideology to gain power and banish them from civil society.

We are THE MAJORITY and we are ready to learn, grow and fight.


Hi, I’m Mark Devlin, after leaving Glasgow in 1989, I spent 18 years in Japan where I founded and published 707 issues of Metropolis, Japan’s No. 1 English magazine, and founded Japan Today, the No. 1 news site about Japan in English.

I left Japan when those businesses had over 40 staff and went to the US, where I sang karaoke for eight years. I returned to Scotland in 2016 and was appalled about the grip Nationalism had on Scottish life. I hope The Majority can give a voice to those who feel powerless and frustrated.

You can find more about me here.

What can I do here?

The Majority is a place where you can review and comment on all Scotland’s political news in one place.

Anyone can:

  • Read all of Scotland’s politics stories in one place
  • Add reactions emojis to articles
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Registered users can:

  • Submit links to interesting external articles (all submissions are moderated for duplicates and relevance)
  • Create polls, lists, and other viral content (all submissions are moderated)
  • Submit full articles, like this. As we grow we expect to have a full range of articles about Scottish, UK and World politics.
  • Create a user profile
  • Earn badges for adding comments and content
  • Participate in our forum (which will be hidden from non-registered users)
  • Please register here.

Can I help?

Yes! You can help us by:

  • Registering and adding comments. And more comments!
  • Following The Majority on Twitter or on Facebook to get updates
  • Retweeting and sharing our updates on social media
  • Getting in touch with me through Twitter or at if you want to get involved in other ways. We are looking for writers, content curators, editors and meme creators.
  • Donating – everything helps!