Sturgeon: Scotland should be independent “as soon as possible” (

Asked if Scotland will be independent by then, Sturgeon said: “Everyone knows my view on independence. I want Scotland to be an independent country, I think that brings lots of benefits.

“But that’s not my focus right now. My focus is tackling coronavirus, making sure we are tackling the health implications of the virus by suppressing it and stopping it running out of control again, and doing everything we can to support the economy.



Posted by Mark Devlin

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She claims her focus is on Coronavirus – why then is that march being allowed to carry on in Glasgow today? Why do we remain saddled with the worst Health Minister in living memory? And wtf has she done with all that WM money that apparently still hasn’t been given to those it was intended for? [rant over]

Scottish Labour must take its head out of the sand (

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