The Majority: 2020 in review

2020 The Majority Year In Review

Hi, welcome to my review of The Majority’s highlights of 2020, AKA The year of staying at home and arguing with people on the internet.

In May, after seeing the frustration and anger of NO voters, as the SNP continued to defy the 2014 referendum result and the lack of effective opposition, I decided to start The Majority.

I contacted Ian Lakin (@HighlandChief) through Twitter, to ask advice on my plan to create a new anti-Nationalist media. To my surprise and everlasting gratitude, he gave me a donation to get started. Soon after, I started The Majority Twitter account and was again surprised when Maureen Johnson (@Maureen6Johnson) tweeted in support.

Thanks to Maureen’s support, and other retweeters, in a few days we had 300 followers and we were on the way!

Initially, I was only going to make video commentaries. With that first donation, I bought some lights. This is my intro video…

I’ve made quite a few now. My favourite one, about Nationalist boycotts, allowed me to have my teacake and eat it.

But, we soon started publishing articles too. The first article I wrote was ‘Why I’m not a Unionist’…

Then a statement of our principles, which I hope we have kept to…

In the coming year, we will continue to expose the Anglophobia and insanity that is the beating heart of Scottish Nationalism…

And disrupt Nationalist narratives through memes. Here’s a selection…

As well as countering Nationalist narratives, we aim to help anti-Nationalists fight more effectively. Be The Pig!

I condensed these thoughts into an epic tweetstorm (I should probably make an article out of this)…

And, with a lot of help, made a guide to tactical voting in 2021…

It was an interesting challenge to create images to go with articles. I was very happy with my Photoshop on this…

…and these images took far longer than you might think…

I had a lot of fun and did a LOT of work, helping wee Nicola with #NicolasBookClub…

And we got a mention in The National, after we (shock! horror!) burnt a copy outside our back door…

We even had a major scoop. An excusive of Nicola’s Sturgeon’s sister calling her ‘a control freak’.

I’d like to thank all the writers who contibuted their time and thoughts to The Majority: Jill, Jamie, Angus, Andy, Tom and everyone else who has played a part, big or small. Huge thanks to Mary Devlin, for proofreading and advice on every article. Special thanks also to Effie Deans and Allan Sutherland.

And a massive thank you to our donors. As of now, they have raised over £10,000 and are pledging over £1500 in monthly donations. If all goes well, and you continue to like what I do, I hope to make this into my full-time work next year (it actually takes up all my time now).

After that, I will start to build the team and build a media that represents us, the anti-Nationalist majority, and I hope you will continue to support us in 2021.

So here we are, seven months and 3600 tweets later, at the turning of the tide. The SNP have lost again, but they will come back. It’s up to all of us to keep pushing, exposing their lies and breaking their false narratives.

We are only a small part of what you do. Every tweet you make, every person you talk to, weakens our opponents. Their delusion is strong, but it’s brittle. Once it cracks, a total breakdown is inevitable.

Keep it up. Keep fighting and I have no doubt that we will put Nationalism in the dustbin of history.

Have a very happy and prosperous New Year!

All the best for 2021, Mark

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Written by Mark Devlin

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