The Majority is a voice for Scotland’s anti-Nationalist majority. We officially launched on 10 June, 2020, with a statement of our principles. We want a thriving Scotland, free from toxic nationalism.

The Majority’s Aims

  • Be a voice for Scotland’s anti-nationalist majority
  • Challenge false nationalist narratives
  • Support pro-UK politicians
  • Highlight nationalist incompetence, scandal and waste
  • Stop youth indoctrination
  • Expose media bias and lies
  • Use better psychology to target nationalism

The Majority Show

Hosted by Mark Devlin, David Griffiths and Mary Devlin, The Majority Show (formerly The Majority Podcast) is Scotland’s No. 1 anti-Nationalist politics show. We broadcast LIVE to hundreds of simultaneous viewers EVERY WEDNESDAY at 7PM, across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The show is then watched by thousands more on-demand during the week.

If you would like to join the LIVE CHAT or receive alerts, please go to our YouTube channel

Who founded The Majority?

The Majority was founded by Mark Devlin. After leaving Glasgow in 1989, Mark (and his wife Mary) spent 18 years in Japan where they founded and published 707 issues of Metropolis, Japan’s No. 1 English magazine, and founded Japan Today, the No. 1 news site about Japan in English.

They left Japan when those businesses had over 40 staff and went to the US, where they ran a private-room karaoke venue for eight years. They returned to Scotland in 2016 and were appalled about the grip Nationalism had on Scottish life.

They hope The Majority can give a voice to those who feel powerless and frustrated.

Can I help?

Yes! You can help by:

The Majority is published by Majority Media Limited
Registered in Scotland: Company No. 662615
Registration address: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR