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Billy Connolly on 'pathetic' Scottish Labour and what he really thinks about independence (

Billy Connolly

The Herald reports:Insisting that his politics change “daily”, he says: “I’ve never liked nationalism in any of its guises. I’m not saying I’ve never agreed with independence. I think a Scottish republic is as good an idea as any I ever heard. But I don’t represent anybody, or anything. I don’t think it’s wise to.”



Posted by Mark Devlin

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i read recently of an interview he gave a good while ago. In it he was quite critical of the SNP and the anti-english theme they promote. He said he had no time for bigots and could never support a party of that ilk. So I think, whilst he may support the concept of Independence, he certainly doesn’t support the SNP, and their way of doing things.


Let’s not partially quote someone as well loved as Billy Connolly in regards to his recent thoughts on independence. In Autumn of last year he said:

If Scotland would like independence, I would like it.

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