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Five more ways Nicola Sturgeon has failed Scotland

The very first article on this site, Nicola Sturgeon’s five biggest failures, got a huge response, with over 14,400 views so far.  But, so many of you said ‘Only five..?’ And we agree, so here’s some more of our First Minister’s failures. Share widely…

#5 Dude, where’s our superfast broadband?

Lockdown measures over the last few months have really shown the importance of a reliable and fast broadband connection. In their 2016 election manifesto, the SNP proclaimed they would ensure “100% of premises across Scotland will have access to super-fast broadband by 2021.”

Now, we aren’t in 2021 quite yet, but they are way, way behind that target and the SNP Minister responsible has already conceded that work on the new upgraded network will run past 2023.

The situation is so bad that Conservative MSP Douglas Ross had to write himself a note of permission to go to work in the UK Parliament, staving off criticisms from Nationalists for him making an ‘unnecessary visit’ – but it was necessary, because the broadband where Mr Ross lives wasn’t up to dialling into Zoom for him to do his job.

Repeat this for tens of thousands of desperate workers in this country.  Nicola Sturgeon has failed to connect, leaving Scotland’s communications infrastructure unfit for purpose.



Written by Andrew Morrison

Andrew is Director of an accountancy practice in the Southside of Glasgow, volunteers with groups aiding the life chances of young people and encouraging them into entrepreneurial lifestyles, and has previously stood as a candidate for the Scottish Conservatives, where he is on the progressive wing of the Party.

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Andy Morrison

That’s now 10 failings by the SNP I’ve identified in these articles. There are many more.

What would you add to the list?

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