Where we stand

In modern-day Scotland, we see:

  • A country unnecessarily divided as Nationalist leaders promote division to boost their own power 
  • Our friends and neighbours entranced by ugly Nationalism and influenced daily by dishonest propaganda churned out by the Nationalist establishment
  • Politicians who always put their immature dreams above the welfare of the people
  • A looming one-party state where unsuitable and incompetent people are promoted based on party loyalty
  • An ineffective and divided opposition
  • Leaders who casually dismiss the vote of the majority

And we see the silent majority of Scots cowed into silence and ignored by the government and the media.

The Majority exists to:

  • Give Scotland’s anti-Nationalist majority a voice
  • Unite anyone, whether they are in a political party or not, who is against Nationalism
  • Attack Nationalism as an ideology that has no place in Scotland, or the world
  • Reveal Nationalist thinking as it is: ugly, bigoted, divisive, and immature
  • Expose the charlatans who use Nationalist ideology to gain power
  • Link the policies and performance of Nationalist politicians to Nationalist traits:
    • supremacism
    • inferiority complex
    • grievance
    • bigotry/racism
    • centralised control
    • worship of the state
    • acceptance of a one-party state
    • leader worship
    • fanaticism
    • groupthink
    • and censorship
  • Help people understand this is a battle fought with psychology and language
  • Stop Nationalists defining us by breaking their narratives, slurs and propaganda: We are not Unionists, Red Tories or British Nationalists: We are simply anti-Nationalists
  • Stop being defensive and take the fight back to the Nationalists.
  • Give people easy-to-share content to fight back against Nationalist tropes
  • Challenge politicians and the media to do what is right and fight back against Nationalism
  • Enjoy this fight. Be the pig!

The fight back accelerates from here, and we thank you all for your support. 

You are not alone. We have a voice. We are The Majority.

What you can do to help:

  • Share, retweet and get this message out 
  • Get involved. Write for us. Help us build up our forum.
  • If you can, please pledge a monthly donation. We want to give you the best community and resources possible and that takes time and money. Our opponents in the Scottish establishment are powerful and exceptionally well funded, but we can do more with less, and everything helps.

Written by Mark Devlin

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  1. A big thank you to everyone who gave suggestions and who helped to improve this statement. It’ll always be a work in progress so if you think something else should be added, or would just like to add your support, please leave a comment.

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