Six ways Nationalists manipulate polls

#4 Always show the results excluding Don’t Knows

So apparently we’ve had 21 polls that say independence is coming. Let’s have a look at them in more detail.

It’s a fact that Don’t Knows are always excluded from headline results because, when the actual vote comes around they end up voting for the status quo – which means they’ll vote for NO.

This means that the best measure of these polls is the results including Don’t Knows. Of those 21 polls, when Don’t Knows are included only five have been over 50% and even then, barely. The others, while showing small leads over NO, are hardly conclusive.

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Written by Mark Devlin

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Craig Campbell

Good article and something that has been apparent to many people for a long time, another aspect is that nationalists are known to sign up to these polling companies with multiple email accounts, this means a small group of ten people could sign up with 5 mail addresses each, thats potentially 50 respondents which on an average poll of 1006 people is 5% of the total answers, enough to swing the polls into their favour, the polls only started going in favour of the Nationalists once Angus Robertson set up Progress Scotland alongside Mark Diffley, Polls as a way of… Read more »

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